Express Tuition Fees Database E2023 will retain all the benefits from our E2021 and E2022 Database, in order to optimise student income and numbers. This includes:

UG Entry Requirements
Database Primary Key
HECoS and CAH Groupings
New Course Identifier

Through our own experiences of setting tuition fees and conducting portfolio reviews, we have developed a solution that is the perfect fit for UK Universities. We will also introduce new, exciting features in the E2023 database – contact us at to find out more!


Our database is released 3 months earlier than is traditionally available to UK Universities. We prioritise client competitor HEIs and RGs in earlier editions through January to April (subject to HEI publication date).


Our solution contains Home and International Fees for all UG and PGT courses at UK HEIs. It is the only  database available that contains every variant of an individual course (e.g., Part Time, PGDip, PGCert and ODL) to give a complete picture of the landscape.


Our Data Science led methodology allows us to ensure data quality, accuracy and completeness while also delivering our solution earlier than traditionally available.

For more detailed information, contact us: