Qualified Undergraduate Market Forecasting

The population of 18 year-olds in the UK is in a phase of exceptional growth. Understanding how this will translate for Home Undergraduate recruitment is a critical business insight requirement for the HE sector. S Squared Insights have developed a model that incorporates key variables such as differential growth rates by recruitment region and the changing popularity of key A-level subjects. Our model allows us to forecast changing recruitment pools of qualified potential undergraduates for each course until 2030 with high confidence.

use cases

Our model calculates the change in the total available pool of A-level students at the correct tariff for any HEI’s catchment area, profiled against how those A-levels contribute the to recruitment of each programme. Using historic trend data from a variety of sources, we can predict the rate of uptake of specific A-level courses tailored specifically to individual recruitment profiles, including tariff requirements. Our model is used for:

Resource Allocation

Reallocating internal resources to support growing courses, or improve recruitment for predicted decreases.

Portfolio Reviews

Revising portfolios based on subject trend data, projected future subject interest and projected A-level results.

Entry Requirements

Adjust entry requirements, such as subject requirements or tariff, to account for changes in recruitment pool without losing market share.

Our Qualified Undergraduate Market Forecasting tool is provided as a Business Intelligence (BI) dashboard of your choice, tailored to your specific institution. We provide a variety of designs and levels of granularity on request.

Example below based on dummy data and calculations:

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