TUition Fees Review

One of our key areas of specialism is tuition fee setting and helping universities secure unrealised surplus from fee income. Leveraging the power of our uniquely detailed fees database and our experience of working in the sector, we have helped HEIs realise significant additional surplus. We are a trusted partner of half of the Russell Group and a growing number of non-Russell Group universities.

At S2, we believe we have built the quickest, most accurate and detailed database of tuition fees set by UK universities. Our Express Tuition Fees Database gives an unrivalled view of HE fee setting. From our unique vantage point, we are able to provide unparalleled insight into competitor fee strategies.

Key Features

Our Tuition Fee Reviews are adaptable, scalable and data-driven. We are able to provide bespoke analysis of your institution fees against the wider sector, offer detailed strategic insight of relevant competitors, and incorporate relevant internal or external data to contextualise any analysis.

Powered by our flagship Express Tuition Fees Database, we provide both a summarisation of the sector based on bespoke faculty or school, broad or subset subject areas, and a offered a granular, programme level analysis against relevant competitors.


Our adaptive methodology means we can incorporate a wide variety of meaningful competitor institutions at different levels for your programmes.


By analysing programme level price movements, fee price points and introductory pricing of new courses, we can provide insight into which courses are price sensitive in the current market.


Our sector overview positions your institution and subject areas against the wider market, summarising broader price movements, such as inflation, of relevant competition.


Using customised competitors, sector overview and price elasticity, we review programme-level fees and recommend optimal pricing, suggested increase rates, and optimal fee points.

Our Tuition Fee Reviews are provided as a series of staged reports throughout the project with accompanying data tables to breakdown our findings into usable insight for your institution.

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